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Take a journey and get to know co-owner of Prosperity Of Life, Rachel Krider.

We sat down with Rachel Krider and asked her a bunch of questions to understand her business philosophy and background. 

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

I was 26 years old when I started my first business. I'd been working at an oil company earning 6 figures when new management came in and told me that as of next week they were removing the commission component from my package. This literally meant my salary was going to be cut in half. 

I left the office and never went back. 

The managements decision to remove the commission was the best thing that could have happened to me as it forced me to make some moves and decisions that I otherwise wouldn't have made. I'd often dreamt about going into business for myself but until that day I was pretty comfortable.  


Shane & Rachel Krider enjoying dinner in Arizona. 

What's been the key to your success?

Representing a product line that I believe in100%.

Before partnering with Prosperity Of Life I partnered with a health and nutrition company for 5 years. At the end of the 5 years I was rich in knowledge and poor in the back account.  When I made the decision to leave the nutrition company I reflected on why I hadn't created the success that I was seeking. I had excellent work ethic, but the results just weren't there.  The stand out disconnect was my lack of belief in the value of the product.


It's not that it was a bad product, it just wasn't something that I was super passionate about. Popping all those vitamins often made me quite nauseous. When I observed the leaders in that company and what they were doing differently to me to cause their success, it was their commitment to the products. 

What I loved most about my time with the nutrition company was all of the Personal Development I was encouraged to do.  Read this book, listen to that audio, attend this conference. I was a sponge for the Personal Growth stuff. 

So when I discovered Prosperity Of Life and learned that the products were based on Personal Development I knew in my heart that I could get behind it and that there would be a-lot of value delivered to my clients. 

I believe there is a real need for the solution that Prosperity Of Life offers, both on the personal development side and the community building side. I'm very proud to be associated with the company and the distributors of Prosperity Of Life. 

A beautiful image captured of Rachel's daughter in Portugal. 

What's the favourite country you've visited? 

I'm an Aussie, I'm married to an American and our daughter, Leia, was born in Mexico. 

Not long after Shane and I got married we decided to head off on an adventure. We had already spent some time living in each of our respective countries and while we sorted out long term visas (for the US and Australia) it made sense to travel. Once we got the bug....we just couldn't stop.  

In the twelve years that we've been together we've lived in Australia (Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast), United States (Los Angles and Colorado....I must prefer Colorado), Chile, Dubai, Phuket, Thailand and now Portugal. 

We have also visited at least 30 countries outside of those we've lived in. Each comes with it's own beauty and unique experience it's difficult to pick a favourite. 

I can say that I see us settled here in Portugal for a number of years. Our daughter is now at the age where being settled for school and friendships is important, so we will stay put for a while.....for the next 10 years or so....until she graduates. 

What advise would you offer other mums or dads who want to work from home?

It's super important to get your priorities sorted. When I made the decision to go into business it was because I wanted to get rich.

I was very clear on the outcome I was looking to create. 

I set very big goals and I adopted the necessary discipline in order to achieve the result.

Too often I hear people say....."I want to work for myself so I can provide for my family at a higher level than is possible in my job".

I also hear people use the very reason that they wanted to go into business, be the excuse as to why they aren't getting the job done. 

"I don't have time to hit my numbers because of my kids". 

So do what you have to on the business side as quickly as possible. Build your momentum, make the sacrifices in the early years so that you achieve your financial goals. There's either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. 


Talk to you kids, engage them in the process. Your dedication to your business will teach them discipline and you'll demonstrate first hand what it takes to build something. 

What do you love most about working for yourself? 

Oh gosh.....there are so many things I love about being a business owner, particularly about my partnership with Prosperity Of Life. 

I enjoy the creativity side of the business....the marketing....there's always something new to learn and implement. 

The Personal Growth side of the business. Every day I'm listening to an audio or have my head in a book and the constant learning is a genuine passion of mine so it's easy to stay focussed.

I have a core belief that a persons income rarely exceeds their level of growth on the Personal Development side, so it's important to stay plugged in and to continue to challenge yourself to new levels of greatness.

That's one amazing aspect about a business such as this. There's always a new level to reach. 

Just today I received a Skype message from a distributor of Prosperity Of Life....she had this to share.

"Rach - how can I keep saying "this was the best call I've ever heard" after 14 years with this community?? WOW to the Beyond Freedom Evolution call last week". ❤️🙏  Shawna Heikkila

Shawna was referencing a training session my husband and I headed up outlining a particular concept in one of our core Personal Development products. 

It's receiving this sort of feedback from our distributors and customers that makes my heart sing. It's a big reason we do what we do. To provide a safe environment for people to grow and develop from the inside out.  

What do you do to let your hair down?

You would think with how much we're celebrating in this shot we'd just won the lottery or closed a really big business deal.

Nope....this was us after a friendly game of put put golf.  Shane won so he was particularly thrilled.

I think it's important to count your wins and stay in a vibration of gratitude just as much as possible. 

We enjoy spending time with family and friends. We get out on our yacht soaking up the sunshine often or just enjoy a meal out at a local restaurant. 

Travel is obviously a big part of our lives so we're often catching up with friends or colleagues in different parts of the world. 

And our dogs are a great to connect as a family and appreciate each other. Those little munchkins bring so much joy. I think every family, if they have the time and the inclination, should welcome a pet or two to their household. 

Rachel Krider & Shane Krider goofing around. 

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