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You're Going To Be Very Wealthy

I was chatting with a Prosperity Of Life distributor earlier today and was reminded of a pivotal conversation I had in my early days of joining this business.

I'd been in the business for a solid 10 days and found myself at a bar in Sydney with Michael and Arni, the couple that introduced me to the business. They'd flown in from Texas for a big event the company was hosting and had invited me out for dinner. I jumped at the chance to meet and mingle and rub shoulders with these guys. They were hugely successful Prosperity Of Life distributors and I was up for learning just as much as I possibly could.

Prosperity Of Life Business Event
This is me on stage at a Prosperity Of Life event on the Gold Coast, Australia with a snap shot of Michael and Arni on the big screen in the back ground.

My 10 days in the business hadn't produced any tangible results. I was in action and actively building but no-one had actually moved forward yet. It's pretty typical for a new distributor to be doubting their ability to create success and I was no different....plenty of enthusiasm but also plenty of fear. Thoughts such as...."What if this doesn't work for me"....were certainly consuming my mind.

Anyways....I remember like it was yesterday....Arni turned to me and said...."Rachel....just keep doing what you're're going to be a very wealthy woman here".

WOW! Talk about a paradigm shift.

Prosperity Of Life Miami Event
Michael and Arni presenting at a company event in Miami. Still having a profound impact on people's success after all these years.

I felt in my body that Arni genuinely believed that I had what it takes. In an instant her belief in me was transferred. It was her tone and the look on her face. There was no doubt in her mind.....and.....I chose to believe her.

The very next day I made my first sale, followed by another sale a couple of days later. I then went on to become a self made millionaire making $1.2 million USD within 18 months of Arni sharing that golden little nugget with me.

Prosperity Of Life Leadership Team
I had to share this pic. A fun moment captured at our most recent Prosperity Of Life training day with our Global Leadership Council.

I share this today because your words have weight. I consider both Michael and Arni to be angles on my journey. They show up at the right time and say the right things and then get out of the way for me to get on with it.

So as you go about your journey keep an eye out for the angels that are sent your way. It might be a reassuring smile. It might be a simple one liner that boosts you up. It might just be that you see someone else carving out success and it plants a seed in your mind...."if they can do it then so can I". Take those little sprinkles of evidence and encouragement and step into your power.

Remember....whatever the mind can conceive and believe, one can achieve!

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I'd love to hear any stories that come to mind for you of the angels that have impacted your journey.

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